Trigon Pacific

In operation for more than 40 years, Trigon is a locally rooted marine terminal, with Indigenous nations within its ownership group, and serves as a vital link in Canada’s global export trade.


Our Purpose


We connect Canadian producers of diverse and highly in-demand commodities to their customers in the Asia-Pacific and beyond.
Our Vision


We will continue to grow and evolve, leveraging Prince Rupert’s compelling natural advantages as a leading Pacific Rim port to best serve our customers.


We have a strong performance focus, and are firmly committed to the well-being of our workforce, our community and the surrounding environment.


Rail Connections

The CN northern rail corridor integrates smoothly with our own onsite network of 17 km of tracks along with offloading and storage infrastructure.

Handling and Storage

A network of conveyors and pipes moves product either directly onto a waiting vessel or to storage areas on our well-configured 120-hectare site.


Our existing Dolphin-type berth is equipped with two rotatable (quadrant slewing) dry bulk arms, two liquid loading arms and other specialized equipment.


Strategy and Vision

We proudly serve Canadian coal producers and believe that steelmaking coal in particular will remain in demand for many years to come as a key part of the energy transition. At the same time, we are actively diversifying to handle new and low-carbon commodities where we believe we will have a competitive advantage.

Berth 2 Beyond Carbon

Trigon’s Berth Two Beyond Carbon project will significantly expand and diversify our handling capacity. After successful permitting – and given the berth’s potentially pivotal role in advancing low-carbon Canadian exports – the Government of Canada awarded a $75 million grant from the federal National Trade Corridors Fund.


Indigenous Partnerships

Trigon is located on the unceded, ancestral and traditional territories of the Tsimshian Peoples. While it’s vitally important to acknowledge this reality, we are honoured that our connection runs much deeper.


At Trigon, we fully share in the appreciation of and respect for the stunning and ecologically rich environmet we live within and take our responsiblity to leave it undiminished very seriously.

Community Investment

We give back through our Trigon Community Investment Fund, which focuses on high-impact projects that will help to meaningfully improve quality of life for the people of Northwest British Columbia.