Berth 2 Beyond Carbon

Trigon’s Berth 2 Beyond Carbon (B2BC) project will nearly double terminal capacity, and will also advance Trigon’s diversification strategy, as a connection point between Western Canadian green-energy exporters and global markets.

B2BC includes the construction of Berth 2, which has been purpose-designed for multiple commodities including hydrogen-as-ammonia, renewable and bio-fuels, methanol/ethanol, or additional liquefied petroleum gas. In addition to Berth 2, the broader B2BC project also includes the construction of land-side infrastructure for commodity unloading and storage.

Thank you to the Government of Canada for support of this project through the National Trade Corridors Fund.

Project Timeline

Project Updates

Trigon B2BC Dredging - Dec 2022 #2

Trigon B2BC Dredging - Dec 2022

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