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Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Support

What level of financial support do you provide?
We provide support at a variety of levels. We consider large community investments to be $7,500 annually or more. We also make a wide range of smaller investments.
Do you have a preference for projects of a specific type?
We support a diversity of programs that advance both the “health” of our communities, by addressing basic needs such as nutrition and literacy; and the long-term “vibrancy” of communities, through projects that focus on education or environmental innovation.
Do you fund capital projects or equipment acquisition?
While most of our support is directed to programs, we are open to supporting capital projects or equipment that clearly advance our community investment focus areas.
Are there specific application deadlines?
We plan to move to a more annual process of accepting applications for larger funding amounts ($7,500+), likely beginning later in 2022. Until then, we will continue to accept applications on an ongoing basis. We have created materials to help our community partners with this process.
Do you support projects from local applicants only?
Our preference is to partner with local organizations, but we are open to working with partners who may be based outside the region, but that are offering programs or initiatives within it. In such cases, we would look for indications of a strong understanding of the local community and ideally a local partner.
Are there any requirements around the type, size or capacities of partner organizations?
There are no specific criteria, but transparency and accountability is very important to us.
Do you accept applications from individuals?
We typically partner with non-profit organizations and community groups, but if you have a high-impact idea, please get in touch.
Do you support projects elsewhere in the region or province, beyond the four identified communities?
At this time, we are focused on our four core communities.
What sort of success metrics are you looking for?
For us, the most meaningful success metrics focus on outcomes. For example, if your initiative is intended to help a specific group enter the workforce, a good measure of success could be the number of employed individuals after program completion. Think about your core objective, and work back from there.

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