Responsible Operations

Northwest British Columbia is rich in natural beauty, recreational opportunities and irreplaceable ecological values. At Trigon, we fully share in the appreciation of and respect for the stunning environment we live within, and take our responsibility to leave it undiminished very seriously.

Key operational practices and safeguards at our terminal include:

  • Dust control at all handling stages, including spraying and misting systems activated in part through real-time weather monitoring
  • Ongoing reductions in carbon emissions, including optimizing site and equipment use and fleet electrification
  • Surface water containment, testing and treatment, with tight limits on and continuous monitoring of effluent volumes
  • Waste reduction program to maximize recovery and re-use while reducing landfill needs
  • Best-practices sharing with the port authority and other terminal operators, and coordination on specific initiatives such as local air-quality monitoring

Our environmental management efforts commonly exceed regulatory requirements.

Our environmental responsibility always includes rigorous regulatory assessments and engagement when change at our terminal site is being considered. This is reflected in our business diversification strategy, aimed at transitioning over time to a greater focus on handling low-carbon commodities.

At the foundation is our corporate Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy, and our ISO-certified Environmental Management System (4001 standard). The rigour of this set of standards and procedures is independently verified through external compliance audits completed annually. Trigon is one of the few companies in our industry with ISO certification of all key management systems, including ISO 9001 certification of our Quality Management System.