Connecting to Global Markets

Current Commodities

Trigon currently handles four Canadian bulk exports.

Dry Bulk Commodities

Steelmaking coal

Used for the production of steel.

Thermal coal

Used for electricity generation.

Petroleum coke

Used as an industrial fuel source.

Liquid Bulk Commodities

Propane Gas

Currently handled at the on-site Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal (RIPET), a separately owned operation to which Trigon provides rail handling and other critical services.

Potential Future Commodities

With the construction of our second berth underway, against the backdrop of a broader global energy transition, Trigon is exploring a range of new low-carbon Canadian commodities that could be handled through our terminal.

Hydrogen has great potential as a future fuel. But it is challenging to transport, so in the near-term it is more likely to be shipped in the form of ammonia – an easier to handle combination of hydrogen and nitrogen. Think of it as “hydrogen as ammonia”.

Ammonia is already shipped globally in large volumes, using existing rail infrastructure and operational expertise. Hydrogen can either be extracted from ammonia after shipment, or ammonia has the potential to be used as a clean-burning fuel itself.

Trigon is also exploring a range of other dry and liquid bulk commodities, including iron ore and wood pellets, and expansion of existing liquid propane gas exports.