Handling and Storage

We Handle Your Products Carefully

Dry Products

Once on-site, dry bulk exports are quickly and efficiently offloaded using a tandem rotary dumper. It operates continuously and empties individual rail cars by tipping them, without the need to decouple one car from another. Below and above-ground, a network of conveyors moves product either directly onto a waiting vessel or to storage areas on our well-configured 120-hectare site.

Stored materials are moved using three track-mounted and rotatable stacker-reclaimers. Standing at more than 35 metres high, and with a boom reach of some 60 metres, each of these highly specialized pieces of equipment can move thousands of tonnes per second – whether “stacking” incoming product for on-site storage or “reclaiming” it for loading onto ships.

Liquid Products

Liquid bulk exports (propane gas) are currently handled at the on-site Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal (RIPET), a separately owned operation to which Trigon provides rail handling and other critical services. Products are moved through a system of inter-connected pipes from rail unloading to onsite storage and then onto waiting ships.