We’d Like to (Re)-Introduce Ourselves

April 28, 2022 – It’s been yet another a milestone day here at the now-former Ridley Terminals Inc. as we announce our rebranding as Trigon Pacific Terminals Limited, or Trigon. This is the most recent in a series of significant changes over the past two years, as we advance our vision for the future. The three-pointed trigon design element is often seen in Coast Tsimshian art and, as we understand it, is known to represent the concepts of transition and upward movement – concepts that are particularly fitting for our marine terminal at this point in time. For us it is about connection, community commitment – to safety, to continuous improvement and to our customers. Today, our focus is on executing our longer-term diversification strategy. A strategy which will see us continue to deliver unsurpassed service quality and performance outcomes to our existing customers, while expanding the range of the commodities we handle, and building out our infrastructure accordingly. We look forward to achieving all of this under as the new Trigon. Read more in our news release.
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