A Vital Link in the Global Supply Chain

Trigon is a modern, deep-sea marine terminal located in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, on the northwest coast of Canada, providing an export point for natural resources from North America to Asia and other global markets.

With an annual shipping capacity of 18.5 million tonnes, Trigon is a year-round, 24-hour operation, offering high-quality, high-performance services, safely and efficiently, and delivered by our highly-skilled local team, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 523.

Our focus is on the handling and export of natural resources produced in Western Canada— products which continue to be in high demand around the world for their superior quality.

High Efficiency & Competitive Cost

Trigon provides continuous, high-performance train unloading, product storage and vessel loading services for our valued customers.

Trains arrive via the low mountain-grade and fuel-efficient CN railway line. Our continuously operated tandem rotary dumper can unload material at a rate of up to 6,000 tonnes per hour, without the need to separate rail cars. We have an on-site storage capacity for 1.4 million tonnes of product, with three stacker-reclaimers used for on-site product handling.

Trigon’s two quadrant slewing ship-loaders have a combined capacity of 9,000 tonnes per hour. Our berth can accept Cape-sized vessels of up to 250,000 dead weight tonnes, with a maximum length of 325 meters, 50-meter beam and 20-meter draft.

Positioned for Growth

Through our new ownership structure and the vision of our leadership team, Trigon is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in extensive infrastructure upgrades, including the addition of a second terminal berth. These projects will expand our current capacity and operations, and also generate significant multi-year economic activity from construction through operations.

Unparalleled Location

Located on the traditional territory of the Tsimshian First Nation, Trigon is located at the terminus of Canada’s northern trade corridor, with rail linkages across North America. Our Prince Rupert location offers year-round ease of access to Pacific shipping routes, and can deliver cargo to Asian markets up to three days earlier than from other North American ports.

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