An Unwavering Safety Focus

We are committed to the highest standards of operational safety, and we collaborate closely with our workforce and the union that represents most of it (ILWU Local 523) to reduce the risk of workplace injury.

Key operational practices and safeguards to support a strong safety culture include:

  • An active joint Health and Safety Committee (union-management)
  • Start-of-shift “Tool Box Talks”, to help ensure a continuous focus on safety
  • Rigorous identification and management of risks, and of the root causes of any incidents
  • Ongoing safety related training on key topics such as fall protection and confined spaces
  • Strict procedures and requirements to ensure safe conduct by contractors working on-site
  • Engagement in external programs such as SafeStart, designed to continuously increase personal safety awareness and skills at all levels of our company

We are similarly committed to protecting broader environmental and community safety. Key operational practices and safeguards include:

  • Strict handling and containment procedures for all hazardous materials
  • A rigorous and regularly updated emergency response plan
  • Regular on-site emergency response drills and simulations
  • Close emergency-readiness liaison with other companies operating nearby, government agencies and local first responders

At the foundation is our corporate Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy, and our ISO-certified Health and Safety Management System (45001 standard). The rigour of this set of standards and procedures is independently verified through external compliance audits completed annually. Trigon is one of the few companies in our industry with ISO certification of all key management systems, including ISO 9001 certification of our Quality Management System.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy
ISO-certified Health and Safety Management System